Greenhouse Basics

Greenhouses can seem pretty complicated for newbies.

But if you understand the basics from a few general topics, you'll be understand the general principles, and should be able to operate your greenhouse.

Whether you're growing vegetables, fruits, flowers & ornamentals, or herbs, the basics of designing, building, and operating a greenhouse are relatively straightforward.

 At its most basic, a greenhouse is simply a more controlled growing space than outdoors. So, if you manage the inputs you provide your plants (light, water, oxygen & carbon dioxide, and a handful of basic nutrients), you'll become a relatively competent grower. 
Greenhouse construction & indoor greenhouse

Greenhouse construction & indoor greenhouses

Building a greenhouse for indoor use is fundamentally different than an outdoor greenhouse. But again, the general principles are similar: you're designing an enclosed growing space where you control the inputs for your plants.
Greenhouse heating & cooling

Heating & cooling

Temperature control for greenhouses is critical. Too hot, and your plants suffer. Too cold, and your plants won't grow. Managing greenhouse temperature in winter & summer is fairly straightforward, and there are tried-and-true options that growers commonly use. We've got articles on how to heat your greenhouse, cooling a greenhouse, and ventilation (since ventilation helps with cooling).


Hydroponics gives you even greater control over the inputs you provide your plants. Since soil isn't used, your plants' roots receive their nutrients from a liquid solution. While there's some setup & monitoring, it's fairly easy to get started.
Grow lights

Grow lights

Artificial lights can be used to supplement the natural light that plants receive. Or, you can use grow lights as the sole source of light for your plants.

Growing plants, vegetables, fruits, & flowers in a greenhouse is one of most rewarding hobbies. Some people can actually supplement their income by selling what they grow. Understanding the basic concepts for building a greenhouse, heating & cooling it, and even using artificial lights or hydroponics to grow your plants gives you a thorough understanding for using & operating your greenhouse as an indoor growing space.