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Spider Farmer SF300 33 Watt Grow Light Product Review
🌱 Unleash the Potential of Your Indoor Garden with the Spider Farmer SF300 LED Grow Light! 🌱 Are you passionate[...]
How cold can tulip plants tolerate?
Tulips grow from bulbs during late winter into spring. The plants themselves are quite tolerant of low temperatures, but it[...]
How cold can rose plants tolerate?
Roses are notoriously ‘fussy’ plants and prefer mild temperatures. However, rose cuttings can be stored in winter at temperatures below[...]
How cold can spinach plants tolerate?
Spinach is described as being a cool season crop and the ideal temperature range for growing it is 50° F[...]
How cold can seedlings tolerate?
Seedlings are the immature versions of bigger plants. The seedlings of cool season plants (like lettuces) will usually do well[...]
How cold can pepper plants tolerate?
Pepper plants are a warm season crop and don’t tolerate low temperatures very well. The average temperature range to grow[...]
How cold can kale plants tolerate?
As a cool season vegetable, kale can tolerate quite low temperatures. The plants will usually grow well, as long as[...]
How cold can cucumber plants tolerate?
Cucumbers are a warm season crop, which means that the optimum temperature to grow them well is 75° F -[...]
How cold can cabbage plants tolerate?
Cabbages are a cool season crop, with tolerance for lower temperatures. The optimum temperature for their growth is 25º F[...]
How cold can beans plants tolerate?
Some beans are cold season crops, and others are warm season crops.  Kidney beans are a warm season crop, but[...]
What light is best for plant growth?
You probably already know that plants need light to grow. But what kind of light is best? Natural sunlight, part-shade,[...]
When To Transplant Seedlings
Transplanting seedlings–your li’l ones are ready for the outdoors, but when do you get them in the ground & off[...]
Growing Cucumbers Indoors
Wouldn’t it be fantastic to pick and eat fresh cucumbers all year long without going outside to the garden? But[...]
Growing Tomatoes Indoors
Tomatoes are a great source of important nutrients, like vitamin C and potassium. While tomato season usually lasts from May[...]
How to sprout chia seeds
The key to sprouting chia seeds is not to let them get too wet. If they do, you’ll have a[...]
How to sprout mung beans
Looking to sprout mung beans? Well, you've come to the right place! Sprouting mung beans is actually a pretty simple[...]
Growing peppers indoors
With over 600 species, it’s no wonder peppers are one of the most popular vegetables to grow at home. They[...]
Growing lettuce indoors
Have you ever aspired to being a vegetable gardener, but don’t have the space outside? Why not try to grow[...]
When does lavender bloom?
How much of your summer is characterized by the familiar scent of lavender? Whether it’s a few plants in your[...]
Types of Lavender
Lavender is a fragrant & versatile plant, & grows well in almost any climate. It's also easy to grow from[...]
Does Lavender Spread?
Lavender has been used for generations as both an edible herb and a medicinal remedy. The lavender flower is known[...]
How to harvest lavender
Lavender flowers. Lavender sachets. Lavender oils. It’s just a matter of harvesting the lavender, so that it can be dried[...]
Sources of phosphorus for plants
Phosphorus is a vital nutrient for plants, and is crucial to ensure healthy plant growth. But it’s not always easy[...]
Signs of low pH in plants
If you’re a gardener, you know how much time and effort goes into caring for your plants. They need water[...]
Lettuce growing stages
Lettuce plants grow quickly, which makes them one of the most popular garden crops. They are also the gift that[...]
How much sun do peas need?
You can think about peas as being the star of your vegetable garden. They are useful, because they put nitrogen[...]
Hydrophobic Soil
Do your plants appear dry even though you give them frequent waterings? You might have hydrophobic soil. Soil is hydrophobic[...]
White Fungus Balls In Your Soil
When seen growing around your plants, the appearance of some ugly white fungus balls in the soil can be quite[...]
Does lettuce need full sun?
The idea of frolicking into the garden to pick some fresh lettuce for a delicious salad is one we all[...]
Lemon Tree Flowers
If life gives you lemons, they say you should make lemonade. If life gives a lemon tree flowers, then it[...]
Lime Tree Care
When we think of the humble lime, it’s hard not to compare it to its popular and pervasive cousin, the[...]
How much sun do potatoes need?
If you’re going to grow potatoes in your garden, you’ll need to know how much sun they’ll need. Potatoes are[...]
Cucumber Plant Stages
Who doesn’t love cool, crisp cucumbers?  They’re a very common crop in the home vegetable garden, but what are the[...]
Heat Tolerant Lettuce
You're in luck if you love lettuce and gardening when it's hot outside. While the leafy green generally prefers cooler[...]
Potato life cycle
Many people's diets include potatoes as a staple, as they are healthy and cost-effective foods. However, by learning some basics[...]
How Much Sun Do Onions Need
Onions are pretty easy to grow, although they require more fertilizer than many other vegetables. You may also be wondering[...]
Onion Life Cycle
Onions grow in predictable onion growing stages. However, the timing varies depending on the type of onions you have and[...]
Baking soda for plants
You may have heard that some people use baking soda in the garden to help plants with fungal infection. This[...]
Garlic growing stages
Growing garlic in the home garden delivers a lot of benefits. As a fairly expensive food item, it’s a crop[...]
Squash Growing Stages
Growing squash successfully is easy once you know how to nurture it. However, before taking your first succulent bite of[...]
How much sun do beans need?
Beans are good for us and good for the environment. Beans and sun is one of those relationships that cannot[...]
How Much Sun Do Cucumbers Need?
Many people are becoming interested in home vegetable gardening, and cucumbers are among the most common summer vegetable crops. But[...]
Tomato Life Cycle
If you want fresh tomatoes on hand whenever you need them, start the process by learning about the tomato life[...]
Can tomatoes get too much sun?
Tomatoes are just about the perfect plant to grow at home. They are attractive, produce well and are great in[...]
How to add calcium to soil
Plants absorb nutrients from the soil through their roots. Most fertilizers and composts include ingredients that are crucial to plant[...]
Effects of soapy water on plants
For the environmentally conscious, watering your garden with waste soapy water might seem like a good idea. But the type[...]
Potato pests
Potatoes are a great crop for the vegetable garden. As tuber crops, however, you don’t know how much yield you’re[...]
Hydroponic roots
The roots of plants growing hydroponically are on display, because they grow in a water solution and not in the[...]
Pine tree roots
Pine trees are a popular choice to provide year-round protection and greenery for homes. When thinking about planting any tree,[...]
Grassland soil
Grasslands are found all over the world, apart from in Antarctica. Their climate supports the growth of grasses and wildflowers,[...]
How to make plants grow faster
Sometimes, a plant just doesn’t grow quickly enough. This may be because the plant is diseased. It may also be[...]
How to add nitrogen to soil
Nitrogen is one of the most prolific and important elements found in plants. It is vital for the development of[...]
How to tell if potatoes are bad
Potatoes are fairly easy to grow, but the tubers that are produced are sensitive. They can go bad fast in[...]
How many potatoes per plant?
In ideal conditions, you can get as many as 10 potatoes per plant. Conditions are not always ideal though, so[...]
Best soil for potatoes
If you think about potatoes and sweet potatoes growing underground, you don’t really think about what is going on around[...]
Harvesting potatoes
Potatoes are rich, healthy, and delicious. Growing your own crop at home is exciting as the potatoes roughly take 90[...]
How long do potatoes take to grow?
Potatoes are not too hard to grow, but they are underground, so it can be hard to know when they[...]
Best fertilizer potatoes
A plot of land used over and over for a garden, or a crop of any kind, will lose its[...]
Aloe vera root rot
Roots need to absorb water and nutrients from the soil for a plant to survive. It is possible, though, for[...]
Aloe vera bloom
The aloe vera plant is a succulent, tropical perennial flowering plant that tends to bloom sporadically throughout the year depending[...]
How far apart to plant potatoes
The spatial considerations are extremely important when opting to plant rows of potato plants. The gardener may need to take[...]
When to harvest potatoes
You can do so much with potatoes, which makes them a favorite part of just about any meal. They are[...]
Desert crops
Humans have been growing crops in the desert for thousands of years. In fact, in agriculture, farming desert crops is[...]
Desert soil
A desert is a dry and sandy stretch of land and covers 20% to 30% of the total land surface[...]
What temperature is too cold for plants
Plants require specific key aspects to grow optimally, such as sufficient sunlight, good soil conditions, enough water, and a good[...]
How does wind increase transpiration?
Transpiration is the movement of water vapor out of a plant. It sounds like a simple process, but there are[...]
How does light affect transpiration?
Just like we release water when we sweat, plants transpire, releasing water vapor–which is called transpiration. This sounds like a[...]
How do plants contribute to the water cycle?
Have you ever wondered why rainforests have their own clouds? Well, those clouds are largely created by plants “breathing” and[...]
Why do I have Whiteflies in my Compost Bin?
Gardening is one of the most peaceful and productive activities, highly regarded and praised among plant lovers and gardening enthusiasts.[...]
How Does Soil Help Plants?
Have you ever wondered about the relationship between plants and soil? We know that most plants grow in it, but[...]
Photosynthesis stomata
Did you know that plants breathe? But it’s not the same way that you and I breathe, as they don’t[...]
Tomato leaves curling
It can be disconcerting when the leaves on your tomato plants start to curl and look unhealthy. There can be[...]
Is garlic a vegetable?
Garlic on pasta. Garlic on pizza. Garlic on just about anything! In fact, garlic must be one of the perennial[...]
Over-watered tomato plant
Homegrown tomatoes grow better and taste better than just about any other homegrown vegetable. They don’t need a lot of[...]
White spots on tomato leaves
Don’t panic if you notice white spots on the leaves of your tomato plant. They can be treated and won’t[...]
Fig tree Florida
Did you know that there are over 750 known Ficus species in the world? The fig is a delicious fruit[...]
Cattle panel trellis
Growing plants, vegetables, or fruit requires thinking about how to best utilize space. Vertical growing is not a new term[...]
Why do plants need water?
On a hot summer day, you might notice that plants in your garden droop, and their leaves curl and appear[...]
Kratky method
The Kratky method is a hydroponic growing technique that is adaptable and scalable from small scale home growers to large[...]
Tomato plant leaves turning yellow
We all love to see our plants looking healthy and then producing a lot of fruit or vegetables once they[...]
Is onion a vegetable?
It’s usually easy to know if a vegetable is a vegetable and if a fruit is a fruit. What happens,[...]
Lettuce temperature tolerance
“Lettuce leaf, or lettuce stay”. In the salad, that is. Actually, lettuce is quite adaptable and will be available for[...]
Basil Cold Tolerance
Basil is a commonly loved herb the world over. Native to Asia, its popularity spread due to its astounding versatility.[...]
Hydroponic strawberries
Plants grow in soil, indoors and outdoors. At least, that’s what we expect. Did you know that you can grow[...]
Compost problems
Compost provides a free, nutrient-rich addition, to improve the health and structure of your soil and boost plant growth. Not[...]
Is strawberry a fruit?
Strawberries and cream. Strawberries and chocolate. The options for fruity desserts just roll off the tongue. The only thing is,[...]
Hydroponic tomatoes
Tomatoes are a popular summertime garden crop. But tomatoes can be grown year-round using hydroponics. Hydroponics was actually used in[...]
Hydroponic lettuce
Home-grown lettuce can be a tricky crop to grow, however, because it is easily stressed by heat or a lack[...]
Nutrient solution
Hydroponic systems provide plants with nutrients through a water soluble fertilizer solution. One of the advantages of hydroponics is that[...]
How long do potatoes last?
People use potatoes a lot, so you may be wondering how long do potatoes last. You may eat potatoes in[...]
Hydroponic Vegetables
Are you looking for a unique and exciting way to grow vegetables? Maybe you don’t have a sprawling garden to[...]
Carrot sprouts
Thin, straight green blades sticking out of the soil may not just be grass. You may be looking at the[...]
How to harvest spinach
What plant will keep producing food as you keep harvesting it? The answer is spinach, the plant that keeps giving.[...]
How deep to plant potatoes
How deep to plant potatoes has a major impact on the harvest. Deep versus shallow potato planting will each yield[...]
CO2 for Plants
All life forms on earth require oxygen in order to breathe and stay alive. Oxygen is produced through a process[...]
Compost heat
The clue to a fertile garden is often adding compost, which is organic material that adds nutrients to the soil.[...]
How to plant peas
The taste of home-grown crops is always superior to store-bought produce, but fresh peas straight from the vine taste almost[...]
Do plants need soil?
We tend to take it for granted that plants grow in soil. Apart from a few water lilies, that is.[...]
How to harvest lettuce
Summer salads aren’t complete without a crisp, crunchy lettuce. Home-grown leaves from the garden are a convenient way to get[...]
Are plants autotrophs
The food chain is a depiction of which animals eat which animals in the ecosystem. There are three trophic levels[...]
Is soil living?
Even though soil is not a living organism itself, most of earth’s life cycles and living things depend on it.[...]
Why is soil important
Soil is much more than just the dirt beneath your feet. It is a vital source of water, gases and[...]
Is photosynthesis endergonic?
Endergonic and exergonic sound a little like entrance and exit. When they are used in the context of biology, though,[...]
What is the purpose of photosynthesis?
Plants are integral to life on earth, so the process that produces their food must have a bigger reach than[...]
How do plants get food?
Plants are called producers because they make their own food. Plants get their food from their environment. All living things[...]
What to do with old tomato soil?
Tomato plants are heavy feeders, and require very fertile soil. So, it's common for growers to ask what to do[...]
Is a potato a fruit or vegetable?
If we want a healthy addition to a meal that features French fries, we usually choose a vegetable. So why[...]
What would happen if there were no greenhouse gases?
The increase in greenhouse gas emissions from human activity has led to an increase in global temperatures and a change[...]
What is a common greenhouse gas containing only hydrogen and oxygen
Water vapor is a natural part of our atmosphere. It is produced by plants through transpiration and from evaporation of[...]
Soak beans before planting?
Whether to soak beans before planting them depends on how soon you need them to grow into plants. There are[...]
Growing beans indoors
Growing beans indoors is relatively easy because beans are resilient and not hard to grow.  All they need is some[...]
Why are leaves important?
Plants that hold leaves all year round are known as evergreens, while plants that lose their leaves in winter are[...]
What do plants need to grow?
Plants, like humans, are living organisms. As such, plants have certain basic needs that need to be fulfilled in order[...]
What do plants eat?
Humans and other animals need food to eat to live. What do plants eat? They don't exactly eat, but they[...]
How to grow beans in a bag
Beans are easy plants to grow in the garden, but can also be grown in the classroom, making them a[...]
Growing lima beans in a bag
Growing lima beans in a bag is easy, and the activity can be brought inside the classroom, where they can[...]
How do black beans grow?
Black beans, also known as Mexican beans, Tampico beans, or turtle beans, are hardy and tasty. Many cooks will add[...]
Are beans a fruit or a vegetable?
You may have heard this before; a tomato isn't a vegetable. It is, in fact, a fruit. There are several[...]
Where do beans come from?
Beans are a staple in diets all around the world and there are thousands of varieties. But where do beans[...]
Outputs of photosynthesis
Living organisms have been using photosynthesis to convert light into energy for millions of years. To understand how photosynthesis works,[...]
What are the inputs and outputs of photosynthesis?
The idea of making your own food is not strange, is it? So what if a plant makes its own[...]
What are the inputs of photosynthesis?
The process of photosynthesis through which plants make food is not only vital for their survival but also has an[...]
Life cycle of a bean plant
One of the most rewarding things about gardening is seeing things grow day by day. Beans are a wonderful plant[...]
How do beans grow
Beans are one of the most rewarding edibles to grow. They are low maintenance, grow quickly and suffer from few[...]
Will dish soap kill plants?
It's more than likely you've heard the saying "it's not hard to kill a plant." This is mostly true but[...]
Which of the following is not a greenhouse gas?
Knowing which greenhouse gases are most important for global warming is an essential part of understanding climate change.In order to[...]
What is The Most Abundant Gas in The Atmosphere
The atmosphere is a gaseous composition that envelops the Earth. It is necessary for all life and provides a variety[...]
Which organelle performs photosynthesis
Plants are pretty amazing. Not only do they produce their own food, but the same photosynthesis process also produces oxygen,[...]
Coffee and Plants
One of the most popular gardening suggestions is to pour brewed coffee on soil, or scatter discarded coffee grounds across[...]
Where in the plant does photosynthesis occur?
Photosynthesis is the process whereby a plant produces its own food. This is a fascinating process and people ask, ‘Where[...]
Where does photosynthesis take place?
Plants are the source of life in more ways than one. Not only do they give us food, but they[...]
Planting a Lemon Tree
Planting a lemon tree is actually pretty simple. As long as you fulfill the basic requirements of this citrus plant,[...]
Lemon tree hardiness
Just because lemon trees produce fruit in winter doesn’t mean that they necessarily like cooler temperatures. In fact, citrus grows[...]
How to get rid of spider mites in your garden?
Do you want to know how to get rid of spider mites in your garden? They’re one of the most[...]
Does dish soap kill spider mites?
Spider mites are common pests that often leave the gardeners asking, “does dish soap kill spider mites?” Insecticidal soaps are[...]
Kaffir lime tree: care & growing indoors
The kaffir lime tree is a gorgeous, small citrus plant native to Southeast Asia. Its leaves and bumpy-looking lime fruit[...]
Banana Tree Care: 4 key tips, & the Dwarf Cavendish variety
Are you looking for the best banana tree care? Probably by now, you know that banana trees (also known as[...]
Cold Hardy Banana Tree: best varieties & winter care
With their beautiful foliage and tropical feel, it’s easy to see why banana trees make such great additions to a[...]
Fig Tree Roots: how far & deep they spread (and how to remove them)
Figs could be among the world’s earliest cultivated fruits, and fig tree roots are just as intriguing. Fig tree roots[...]
How to Get Rid of Whiteflies on Houseplants
One of the common plant pests is whiteflies: tiny white-colored flying bugs. If they have attacked your plants and you[...]
Dwarf banana tree: best varieties & growing indoors
For a taste of the tropics, you might  like to have a dwarf banana tree. If you like a houseplant[...]
Cold Hardy Fig Trees: 3 best varieties, plus winterizing tips
Despite being a warm-climate species, native to Southwest Asia and the Mediterranean, you’ll find several varieties of cold hardy fig[...]
Does peroxide kill spider mites?
Many gardeners ask the question: does peroxide kill spider mites?  Hydrogen peroxide has countless uses in homes. Apart from removing[...]
How to Transplant a Fig Tree?
The fig tree (Ficus carica L.) is a perennial fruiting shrub that is available in several varieties. This tree thrives[...]
What is The Soil Type in The Tropical Rainforest?
If you have a green thumb, you must have an interest in tropical rainforests: the type of vegetation that grows[...]
How To Get Rid Of Spider Mites On Palm Tree?
If you’re wondering how to get rid of spider mites on palm tree, you’re not alone. Spider mites often cause[...]
How Do You Kill Spider Mites On Indoor Plants?
Gardeners often ask, “How do you kill spider mites on indoor plants?” If you find tiny webs around the leaves[...]
How To Get Rid Of Spider Mites Naturally?
If you’ve been wondering how to get rid of spider mites naturally, you’re at the right spot. Though pest control[...]
How Do You Get Rid of Woolly Aphids?
Knowing how to get rid of woolly aphids is something your garden will definitely thank you for! Woolly aphids are[...]
How To Get Rid Of Aphids On Indoor Plants
If you have aphids on your indoor plants it’s important that you eliminate them and protect your plant from future[...]
How To Keep Slugs From Eating Hostas
How to keep slugs from eating hostas is a common concern for many gardeners. Slugs are hosta’s number 1 enemy[...]
How To Get Rid Of Aphids In The Garden
Are you wondering how to get rid of aphids in the garden? These tiny, sap-sucking insects are a gardener’s worst[...]
How Do You Get Rid Of Aphids Naturally
Gardeners often ask the question, how do you get rid of aphids naturally since aphids are a common enemy for[...]
Little White Things In Plant Soil (8 ways to get rid of pests)
Let’s say you were enjoying your day and suddenly spot little white things in the plant-soil! You can’t believe your[...]
How Do I Get Rid Of Slugs Naturally (6 tried & tested methods)
Gardeners often ask, “How do I get rid of slugs naturally?” since chemical slug killers aren’t just damaging to the[...]
How To Keep Slugs Out Of Your Garden (including the 3 most reliable ways)
Have you been wondering how to keep slugs out of your garden lately? You’re not alone since slugs and snails[...]
How To Keep Slugs From Strawberries
Have you been wondering how to keep slugs from strawberries lately? It can be heartbreaking to find out that the[...]
How To Tell When To Pick Cucumbers (3 specific ways)
Cucumbers make delicious treats for the summers, but do you know how to tell when to pick cucumbers? You can’t[...]
When To Move Cucumbers Outside? (and how to harden them off)
Cucumbers grow vigorously through summer, & produce loads of juicy fruits--but you need to know exactly when to move cucumbers[...]
How To Transplant Cucumbers (plus 3 tricks)
Cucumbers tend to be sensitive and borderline dramatic when it comes to being transplanted. They like to die, and we[...]
Will frost kill cucumber plants (plus 3 ways to protect them)
Cucumbers are a tasty garden vegetable, but they’re a warm weather crop and are sensitive to cold. Frost can cause[...]
How Deep to Plant Cucumber Seedlings? (2 methods)
Cucumbers, with their winning sweetness and crunchiness combo, are a great addition to any vegetable garden. One of the first[...]
Why Does My Soil Smell? (plus 3 weird tricks to make soil smell better)
Gardeners often ask, “Why does my soil smell?” Fresh soil gives off a pleasant, earthy smell. But if the dirt[...]
How Many Cucumbers Can One Plant Produce? (plus, 1 trick to grow more)
Growing and harvesting cucumbers can be extremely gratifying. With plenty of water and warmth, these easy-to-care-for plants will yield huge[...]
Why Are My Little Cucumbers Dying?
Cucumbers are delicious little fruits who are well known for being quite easy to grow! But why then are my[...]
How Far Apart To Plant Cucumbers And Tomatoes
When planting a spring garden, many gardeners wonder how far apart to plant cucumbers and tomatoes for healthy growth and[...]
Top Soil for Houseplants: 4 common problems & which soil to use
When it comes to caring for your houseplants, you may wonder what kind of soil you can and should use[...]
How To Grow Burpless Bush Cucumbers
Whether you are growing them for salads or for pickles, it’s worth learning how to grow burpless bush cucumbers before[...]
LED Lights Fire
Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs are quickly gaining popularity at homes, restaurants, streets, and offices. The bulbs produce light more[...]
What to put under raised beds
If you have raised beds in your garden, you’ll eventually be faced with the decision of what to put under[...]
How to grow English cucumber from seed
Cucumbers are one of the most popular garden vegetables. And growing cucumbers from seed is a rewarding experience that can[...]
Best Soil For Indoor Herbs
So you are thinking about starting an indoor herb garden, but have you picked the best soil for indoor herbs[...]
Is Cooking Oil Bad For Soil?
Though an indispensable ingredient in every kitchen, is cooking oil bad for soil? While you can't imagine cooking without oil,[...]
Build Your Own Grow Light
Growing plants indoors requires a grow light, but it doesn't need to be expensive. In this blog post, we'll show[...]
Are Soil Meters Accurate?
Have you ever wondered about the pH of your soil? What about the moisture level? If you have, you likely[...]
Can I Use Miracle-Gro Garden Soil In Pots?
For setting up a container garden, lots of people want to know, “Can I use Miracle-Gro garden soil in pots?”[...]
Heirloom Tomato Plant Not Producing Fruit
Why is my heirloom tomato plant not producing fruit? This is a common question that bothers growers. While it's natural[...]
Should I take yellow leaves off plant?
When your green plants turn yellow, the question arises: should I take these yellow leaves off my plant? In gardening,[...]
Can You Grow Tomatoes In South Florida?
The extreme heat & humidity might make you wonder if it's possible to grow tomatoes in South Florida, but savvy[...]
Why are my tomato seedlings not growing?
Starting tomato seedlings in spring is easy to do and it can take up to 8 weeks for them to[...]
Do Tomato Seeds Need To Be Dried Before Planting?
Tomatoes are one of the most popular garden vegetables. But, since tomatoes are harvested in late summer, gardeners have to[...]
How Many Tomato Plants in a Square Foot Garden?
Tomatoes are easily the most popular summer vegetable, and as a gardener, you’re probably eager to get an early start.[...]
How Long Does It Take For Tomato To Grow?
Tomatoes are probably the most popular vegetable grown in gardens. That’s probably no surprise, since they’re delicious, versatile, and easy[...]
How to Keep Tomatoes Alive Over Winter?
Has the weather turned colder--or maybe even had the first frost? That's when I start thinking about how to keep[...]
Can I plant fresh tomato seeds?
Planting fresh tomato seeds is possible, and it just might be your next gardening adventure. Tomatoes are extremely popular fruits[...]
How Many Tomatoes Can 1 Plant Produce?
As soon as healthy new tomato plants appear in your spring vegetable garden, you’ll start imagining what the fall harvest[...]
How Long Will Tomato Plants Produce?
In spring, you might find last year’s tomato plants coming back with new growth--surprise! Or, in early fall when temperature[...]
Why are My Seedlings Turning Yellow?
Starting seedlings--whether during spring or any time of year--is exciting. Those little seedlings hold the possibility of a productive garden[...]
How do you tell if a ballast is going bad?
If you’re using fluorescent grow lights, you might find that the lights can be finicky. Fluorescent grow lights--like all fluorescent[...]
Is 40 Degrees At Night Too Cold For Tomatoes?
It's hard to find a vegetable garden without tomato plants. Tomatoes like full sun, fertile soil, & warm temperatures to[...]
Are Tomatoes Toxic To Horses?
When you’ve got horses, it's always good to learn what kind of plants you can grow around them and which[...]
Can Goats Eat Tomato Plants?
Being a homesteader is a full-time job in itself. Taking care of your crops and livestock and making sure they[...]
How Much Sunlight Do Tomato Seedlings Need?
Growing tomatoes is an excellent idea to keep your kitchen loaded with fresh, organic tomatoes. But how much sunlight do[...]
Are Tomato Plants Poisonous To Rabbits?
Rabbits in your garden! Sure, rabbits are cute, but in your garden, it’s not just the harvest that's at stake[...]
Can Plants Grow With Artificial Light?
Whether you have a green thumb or this is your first garden, you should consider where it can get light.[...]
Can You Grow Anything With Hydroponics?
Hydroponics is a unique and attractive technique to grow crops without soil, but can you grow anything with hydroponics? Selecting[...]
How Many Watts for Seedling Grow Lights?
Growing seedlings is a great way to jump-start your outdoor garden. One of the challenges to indoor growing is making[...]
Can Rosemary Grow in the Shade?
A herb that is commonly used in many cooking recipes, rosemary seems like one of the perfect plants for your[...]
Can Plants Grow Without Sunlight?
Whether you live in a cloudy region or want to grow an indoor garden, you probably realize that you need[...]
Are LED Lights Safe for Cats?
Cats are curious--and sometimes mischievous--creatures, and as LED lights become more common, it’s natural to wonder whether LEDs are safe[...]
How Long Should You Leave Grow Lights On?
Using a grow light can be an excellent option for people without access to an outdoor garden. You can still[...]
Can You Grow Vegetables With Grow Lights?
If you want to grow vegetables, you may worry if you have the best conditions for growing them, but you[...]
Can Regular LED Lights Be Used As Grow Lights?
You want to give your indoor plants a boost, but it seems silly to buy expensive plant lights if regular[...]
HPS Distance From Seedlings
Among all the options for grow lights, high-pressure sodium (HPS) are commonly used, mainly to encourage flowering and/or setting fruit.[...]
Hydroponics overview
What is hydroponics? What are different hydroponics systems? Hydroponics has the potential to change the way we grow food. Increasingly,[...]
Can plants grow without water?
All growers at some point have to deal with water shortages. Whether it’s through drought, a shorter dry spell without[...]
Companion Planting
Nearly every garden has more than one kind of plant--but do all those different plants get along well together? Do[...]
Is Oak Good for Raised Beds?
OK, so you’re going to make some raised beds, and might be wondering: is oak good for raised beds? And[...]
How Many Tomato Plants in a 4×4 Raised Bed?
Tomatoes are probably the most commonly grown vegetable for home growers. When I planted full-size & cherry tomatoes in my[...]
Can You Grow Plants in Cinder Blocks?
Cinder blocks are one of the most common things you see, but for the most part, they’re never used for[...]
How to Make Compost
Did you know there’s a way to cut back on your trash and feed your plants at the same time?[...]
Pine for raised beds
Besides gardening, I’m also a woodworker, so when I started planning my raised beds, I looked into what kinds of[...]
Pros and Cons of Cinder Block Raised Beds
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