Greg Volente - hiking

Greenhouse Today was started by Greg Volente to help other growers with the challenges of greenhouse growing.

There's too much hearsay, misinformation, and anecdotal info about gardening in general, and greenhouse growing in particular. And a lot of that info floating around is just plain wrong--or has never been tested.

Greenhouse Today gives growers evidence-based info, tips, techniques, & reviews so you can grow better--without wasting an entire season following bad advice.

Greg Volente:

  • holds a Naturalist Certificate from the Morton Arboretum,  
  • worked for The Nature Conservancy leading environmental education programs and doing natural areas restoration,
  • and worked in the soil science research & testing lab at Michigan State University.

Besides gardening, Greg is an avid wildflower enthusiast, and loves botanizing, hiking, and backpacking with his 2 kids.